Overall NEFLT goals

Creating a cooperative network of relationships between the tertiary education of future teachers of foreign languages and the practical or applied sphere, i.e. between extramural, secondary, primary, and pre-school educational levels.

Deepening the ties between the educators of future foreign language teachers in public schools of higher education and the resulting ties with the teachers themselves.

Enhancing cooperation between institutions and the mutual transfer of experience, i.e. from the applied sphere - a set of real problems and requirements (especially in the context of school reforms and globalizing tendencies), and from the tertiary school sphere - reactions within the framework of instruction and expertise through workshops, seminars, scholarly study materials, contact platforms, and a methodological advisory center.

The Initiator and the Main Holder of the Grant is the English Department at UJEP


  • Masaryk University, Brno
  • The University of Ostrava
  • The University of Hradec Králové

Network Establishment

Contact person: Zuzana Procházková (zuzana.prochazkova@ujep.cz)


  • To create and/or improve horizontal relationships between educators of foreign language teachers
  • To create and/or improve vertical relationships between educators and foreign language teachers themselves


  • The network
  • Transfer of information in the field of foreign language teaching via:
    • Research trips
    • Workshops



  • To analyse current foreign language teacher educational programs
  • To map the situation on the labour market (job opportunities for bachelor’s and master’s students)
  • To map the qualification profiles of foreign language teachers
  • To analyse the reasons for graduates not staying in or not entering the teaching profession
  • To map the furtherance of qualification or requalification of foreign language teachers


  • The analysis of data
  • Information and materials for further research

University Workshops

Contact person: Hana Suchánková (hana.suchankova@ujep.cz)


  • To enhance the competences of educators of foreign language teachers (possible topics:
    • state of the art in education;
    • framework programs and school reform; c) alternative and private foreign language education; d) state graduation exams;
    • globalisation – multiculturalism and religious diversity;
    • lifelong learning (including foreign language education of seniors)


  • Workshops for educators of foreign language teachers
  • Research, publications and presentations
  • Foreign language courses – improvement of L2 and L3...
  • IT courses – improvement of IT skills
  • One-month research trips – mutual transfer of competences between various educational programs

Public Sector Workshops

Contact person: Kateřina Šteklová (katerina.steklova@ujep.cz)


  • To deepen relationships among educators of foreign language teachers and foreign language teachers from the public sector (possible topics:
    • current problems in the educational system of the CZ;
    • alternative modern foreign language teaching methods and techniques;
    • pupils/students with special needs;
    • school management;
    • further education (qualification and requalification programs) of foreign language teachers;
    • burn-out syndrome and its elimination;
    • first/second foreign language choice)


  • Web page with chat forum
  • Meetings and discussions
  • Workshops
  • The publication of:
    • collection of expert articles on problems in public sector foreign language teaching
    • manual (handbook) for teachers

Private Sector Workshops

Contact person: Martin Škvára (martin.skvara@ujep.cz)


  • To establish cooperation between educators of foreign language teachers and those who teach foreign languages in the private sector, providing assistance with:
  • heterogeneous foreign language groups (age, race, nationality);
  • teaching languages to various professional groups;
  • teaching the 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing);
  • international certificate preparation;
  • after graduation exam foreign language study


  • Visits and consultations, transfer of ideas
  • Workshops for those who teach foreign languages in the private sector
  • The publication of:
    • collection of expert articles on problems in private sector foreign language teaching
    • manual (handbook) for teachers

Methodological Advisory Centre


  • To launch four methodological advisory centres (Ústí nad Labem, Brno, Hradec Králové, Ostrava,)
  • To transfer modern research results into foreign language teaching practice
  • To offer an extensive range of expertise to foreign language teachers


  • Consulting
  • Tutoring
  • Further educational opportunities (qualification and requalification)
  • Preparation of study materials